20 11 2007

November 20, 2007Software is a system to connect an electronic machine/a hardware to user. Software will be an interaction bridge a user to a computer. kind of software is:

1. operating system(OS)
operating system is a basic system from a software. Without it a computer can’t be used, because OS is a software that communicate with our hardware. for example:

* PC DOS(personal Disk operating system
This OS is a system that most used before Windows OS that created by Microsoft. Microsoft make it for IBM machine. IBM spread PC DOS with their computer.* MS DOS(Microsoft disk operating system)
This OS is almost same as PC DOS. But it’s another version from PC DOS that created by Microsoft.

* OS/2(operating system 2)
This OS is continued from PC DOS and MS DOS. this created for PS/2 computer

First, this system only made for giant conputer. but AT&T Bell Laboratory used it for PC. This OS written in C programing language.

XENIX is almost same as UNIX, created by Microsoft and used for IBM PC/AT.

AIX is other version from UNIX, created by IBM. At the first, AIX created to support maximally RT-PC. AIX also can used for PS/2 computer.

* Microsoft Windows
This OS is very popular and very easy to use. the user only need a mouse to opperate it.

This OS is a newest version of UNIX that created by a Finland Studen, Linus Torvald.


The function of Utility is to doing minor work at it operation,like deleting program, copying,etc. Some kind of it is:

* Nurton utility
* Mice utility
* Copy write
* Advance diagnostic
* Winzip

3. Packet program

This is a program created in one packet and ready tooperate. This program is very functional for daily activity. Kind of this program is:

* Word processor
With this program you can use the computwer like an electronic machine. For example is:
a. Wordstar
c. MS Word
d. Word perfect
e. PFS Write
f. Word pad
g. MS Work

* Data Base
a. D Base
b. Foxpro
c. MS Access
d. SQL Server

* Spread Sheet
With this packet, computer can sums automatically. Example:
a. Lotus 1-2-3
b. Quartro
c. Supercale
d. Frame work
e. MS excel

* Publisher
If in word processor there isn’t tool for edit a position of print view, so publisher is a right program for edit a position for printed media. Some publisher program are:
a. page maker
b. Ventura
c. Harvard publisher
d. new master

The function of this program is like a painting tool. This program is special for decorator and arsitec. For example:
a. Auto cad
b. Pro design
c. Corel draw
d. Adobe photoshop

* Statistic
The example of statistic program are:
a. SAS

* Aplication program
This software offer a program in some aplication. Example:
a. DEA( Dac Easy Accounting)
b. Myob

5. Language Program
In computer knowledge there are 3 famous language program. Thats are:
a. High grade language

The characteristic of this language are:

1. The instruction is almost same as human language, especially English.
2. Easy to understand
3. The ability for access hardware is low.

The example of high grade language program are: BASIC, COBOL,and PASCAL
b. Medium grade language

The characteristic of this language are:
a. The speed of access is fast
b. the instruction that used is almost same as human language. For example is C language program.
c. Low Grade Language

This language is more difficult to study than other, because it’s different from human language. but, this language have a higher speed when it operated and ability to access hardware. For make this language, we don’t need program structure. The example of this program is machine language or usually called Assembly language.

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